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    SMARTBOND™ – Wet Bonding

    294.00 250.00

    SMARTBOND™ Economy Kit, SM-001 Intro Offer

    Introduction offer of  €250.00 until May 1, 2019, while supplies last.

    Kit includes: Brushes pkg of 50, SM-004 / Mixing pad, SM-006 / Luer-lock tips, pkg of 40, SM-005 / Instant adhesive, 3g SM-002 / Etching gel, 6g, SM-003

    gives you the opportunity to bond brackets and buccal tubes in a wet field.


    It is important that the tooth surface is kept wet during the bonding procedure. The water will start the polymerization and initiate the curing process. No other chemicals are necessary.


    Other Applications:  Good for bonding of tooth jewelry, eruption appliance for impacted canines.  Works in saliva and blood