swiss dental specialties supplier of orthodontic instruments

Swiss Dental Specialties  is located at the base of the Mythen Mountains in central Switzerland, and the company was incorporated in 2003, From our location we supply orthodontists and dentists in Europe with quality products and service.  Our focus products are our instruments which are crafted from finest German stainless steel.  Most of our instruments have a brushed stainless steel (satin) finish.  Our cutters are manufactured with tungsten carbide, remanite or hard stainless steel inserts.


Today Swiss Dental Specialties belongs to one of Europe’s successful suppliers of orthodontic instruments. The steel used for our instruments has been specially selected to meet various requirements in the field of cutting, constricting, retracting and chiseling. A characteristic property of this type of steel is that it forms passive layers on the instrument’s surface, providing protection against corrosion. These layers act as invisible patina and cause that with each application and exposure to air the instruments become more and more corrosion resistant. Contact: or your local representative for more information.